Just Ducky Editing is here to help you bring your story into the world, looking its best. Whether you are writing for a blog or you’ve decided to try your hand at a short story or novel, I am here to help make it perfect.

In addition to editing services, I am able to assist in formatting your content, registering your copyright, obtain your unique ISBNs, as well as loading your polished manuscript to your preferred distributor.

The last thing I think about while writing is grammar, punctuation, or keeping track of tiny details. I’m only interested in letting my characters take me on the journey. That’s all fine and good, but it doesn’t necessarily leave me with the most publishable content. That’s where Bailey comes in. She made sure the books I sent out into the world were worthy of the story behind all the errors. Bailey Lockwood is my go-to editor! – J.A. Thomas, author of The Widow Tales

Go-to Editor

Bailey K. Lockwood from Just Ducky Editing is a superb editor and person to work with. I’ve always said that I can write, but I don’t know how to write… Thank God for a great editor to fix what needs to be fixed. Bailey is quick, great communicator, and provides her thoughts and ideas on certain aspects of the content. She edited Wicked Harvest and will be my editor for as long as she’ll have me. – Jerrod Smelker, author of Wicked Harvest: Michigan Monsters & Macabre: Series One