Editorial services for print and ebooks will be done in three to four stages that will include:

Proofreading – grammar, sentence structure, monitoring tense usage, punctuation, misspellings, redundant words, misused wording and advising when a passage does not generally read well.

Line editing – covers the same as proofreading but would also include more in-depth continuity checks, fact-checking, and character development tracking.

I can currently offer these services for the following needs:

  • Blog posts$40 for up to 500 words
    • $50 and up for over 500 words
  • Non-book material – $15 per formatted page
  • Short stories/Anthology pieces/Children’s books$100 – $200 for 10k – 25k words
  • Novellas$225 – $350 for 30k – 40k words
  • Novels$400 – $700 for 45k –  55k words
    • $800 – $1,100 for 60k – 70k words
    • $1,200 and up for 75k words and over


Formatting your print and/or ebook, by completed page count:

  • $150 for books 299 pages and under
  • $200 for children’s books with illustrations
  • $300 for books 300 pages and over


Identification services – $150

  • ISBN for all editions
  • Bar code
  • U.S. Copyright registration
  • Library of Congress Control Number registration
  • QR code – if desired

All inclusive packages are available, as well. Please, contact me for a more detailed quote! Rates can be discussed on a case by case basis.